Featured Publication
“Encouraging the resumption of economic activity after COVID-19: Evidence from a large scale field experiment in China”
Juan Palacios, Yichun Fan, Erez Yoeli, Jianghao Wang, Yuchen Chai, Weizeng Sun, David G. Rand, and Siqi Zheng, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Forthcoming.
For a summary, see this Twitter thread.

“A checklist for prosocial messaging campaigns such as COVID-19 prevention appeals”
Erez Yoeli and David G. Rand, Working Paper, 2021.
For a summary, see this Twitter thread.

“Shifting attention to accuracy reduces misinformation online”
Gordon Pennycook, Ziv Epstein, Mohsen Mosleh, Antonio Arechar, Dean Eckles, and David G. Rand, Nature, 2021 (forthcoming).
For a summary, see this Twitter thread.

“Digital Health Support in Treatment for Tuberculosis”
Erez Yoeli, Jon Rathauser, Syon Bhanot, Maureen K. Kimenye, Eunice Mailu, Enos Masini, Philip Owiti, and David G. Rand, New England Journal of Medicine, 2019.
For a summary, see this NYT article.

“A field experiment on community policing and police legitimacy”
Kyle Peyton, Michael Sierra-Arévalo, and David G. Rand, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2019.

“Credibility-enhancing Displays Promote the Provision of Non-normative Public Goods”
Gordon T. Kraft-Todd, Bryan Bollinger, Kenneth Gillingham, Stefan Lamp, and David G. Rand, Nature, 2018.
For a summary, see Gordon's Hero Round Table talk.

“Isolating the Effect of Injunctive Norms on Conservation Behavior: New Evidence from a Field Experiment in California”
Syon Bhanot, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 2021 (forthcoming).

“Putting Social Rewards and Identity Salience to the Test: A Field Experiment on Teachers in Philadelphia”
Syon Bhanot, Gordon Kraft-Todd, David G. Rand, and Erez Yoeli, Journal of Behavioral Public Administration 1(1), 2018.

“Behavioral Science Tools to Strengthen Energy and Environmental Policy”
Erez Yoeli, David Budesco, ... , Elke Weber, Behavioral Science & Policy 3(1) p.68-79, 2017.

“Rank and Response: A Field Experiment on Peer Information and Water Use Behavior”
Syon Bhanot, Journal of Economic Psychology 62 p. 155-172, 2017.

“Potential follow-up increases private contributions to public goods”
Todd Rogers, John Ternovski, and Erez Yoeli, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(19) p. 5218-5220, 2016.

“Promoting Cooperation in the Field”
Gordon Kraft-Todd, Erez Yoeli, Syon Bhanot, and David G. Rand, Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences 3 p. 96-101, 2015.

“Harnessing Reciprocity to Promote Cooperation and the Provisioning of Public Goods”
David G. Rand, Moshe Hoffman, and Erez Yoeli, Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences 1(1) p. 263–269, 2014.

“Powering Up with Indirect Reciprocity in a Large-scale Field Experiment”
Erez Yoeli, Moshe Hoffman, David G. Rand, and Martin Nowak, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110(S2) p. 10424–10429, 2013.