David Rand
David Rand is the Erwin H. Schell Professor of Management Science and Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT Sloan. His research combines a range of theoretical and experimental methods in an effort to explain the high levels of cooperation that typify human societies, and to uncover ways to promote cooperation in situations where it is lacking. He was named to Wired magazine’s Smart List 2012 of “50 people who will change the world,” chosen as a 2012 Pop!Tech Science Fellow, and received the 2015 Arthur Greer Memorial Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Research.
Erez Yoeli
Erez Yoeli is a research scientist at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He uses game theory to study puzzling aspects of people's sense of rights, ethics, and altruism, then applies the lessons from this work to addressing real-world problems like increasing energy conservation, improving antiobiotic adherance, and reducing smoking in public places. Before cofounding ACT, Erez was an economist at the Federal Trade Commission.
Syon Bhanot
Senior Researcher
Syon Bhanot is a Professor of Economics at Swarthmore College, studying behavioral and public economics. His areas of interest include pro-social behavior, environmental conservation behavior, development, and personal finance decisions. He primarily runs field experiments that seek to improve our understanding of decision making, with a variety of partners in the US and abroad.
Gordon Kraft-Todd
Senior Researcher
Gordon Kraft-Todd explores the colloquial wisdom of “actions speak louder than words”, “practice what you preach”, and “lead by example”--how it works and how to most effectively use it--in field experiments, behavioral research, and computational modelling. He defended his Ph.D. in Psychology at Yale University in Spring 2019, and currently works in the Morality Lab at Boston College as a postdoctoral researcher.
Nathan Liang
Research Coordinator
Nathan Liang is a research coordinator in the Morality Lab and Social Influence and Social Change Lab at Boston College. Nathan is interested in applying a broad range of methods across field experiments, traditional behavioral studies, computational modeling, and neuroimaging to investigate the cognitive mechanisms, emotional states, and social norms that govern moral decision-making to ultimately increase effective altruism outside the laboratory.
Sabela Moreno López
Research Assistant
Sabela Moreno is a graduate student in Economics and International Business at Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid-Spain). Her areas of interest are finance, marketing, HHRR, data analysis, and business administration. She is also trained in digital and soft skills and has studied in Houston-Texas, British Columbia-Canada and Madrid-Spain. She is keen on working in multicultural environments and speaks English, French, and Spanish.
Rachit Dubey
Rachit is a graduate student in the Computational Cognitive Science Lab and Concepts and Cognition Lab at Princeton. He is curious about curiosity, and his research is aimed at understanding the function, origins, and development of curiosity and how it relates to other aspects of cognition such as reward learning, insight, and metareasoning. By studying these questions through a computational lens, he intends to develop a better theoretical foundation which can hopefully lead to applications in various pedagogical settings.
Moshe Hoffman
Moshe Hoffman is a Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab and a Lecturer at Harvard's department of Economics. Moshe applies game theory to address psychological and philosophical questions, such as why we speak indirectly and why we consider lies of commission worse than lies of omission, with the help of models of evolution and learning, as well as laboratory and field experiments.
Bethany Burum
Bethany Burum is a post-doctoral researcher in psychology at Harvard University. Trained as a social psychologist with a focus on laboratory experiments, her recent research aims to understand the hidden incentives that shape our preferences, beliefs, and ideologies, including our sense of rights, justice, beauty, and altruism. Bethany’s research draws on tools and evidence from multiple fields, including economics, history, philosophy, and studies of cultural evolution, with a particular emphasis on using psychological experiments to test theory.
Molly Moore
Molly Moore is a graduate student in Decision Making at Harvard Kennedy School, who harnesses behavioral science to promote real-world behavior change. She has worked on getting out the vote, increasing charitable contributions, and reducing campus sexual assault. Before graduate school, Molly attended Harvard College, where she concentrated in Economics with a secondary in Psychology. She has a passion for fitness and health. At Harvard, she was a varsity member of the Harvard-Radcliffe crew team and a Food Literacy Project Fellow. She continues to compete in crew, and served as an alternate for the USA Paralympic team in 2016.